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Salesflare co-founder Jeroen Corthout

EP136 | Creating Leverage in Software and Media with Salesflare Co-Founder Jeroen Corthout

Utilize the leverage that exists in software and media to make significant advances in your work. Jeroen Corthout is the co-founder of Salesflare and he joins the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast to take on that topic and more. We get into the essence of why Jeroen built Salesflare, CRM SaaS businesses, the purpose of appearing on podcasts, why he has his own podcast, and specifically the reason behind creating content. We also get into spam on LinkedIn, sales automation, and data security.

We hope this introspective conversation with Eric Kasimov and the co-founder of Salesflare, Jeroen Corthout, allows you to explore the purpose of leverage in software and media. And of course, we spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve our business and the businesses of those we collaborate with. So anytime we can connect with someone developing products for that audience, we’re all about it. Jeroen has built a CRM that is a great tool for many entrepreneurs. We’ve used and tried many CRM’s. Salesflare came to us because of this podcast. And that alone could be a reason why appearing on podcasts is a good idea–meaning, our own company will be trying out Salesflare thanks to the connection that was made from this podcast. 

Salesflare is known as the Intelligent CRM. It is a simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling business to business. 

We hope you enjoy this Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast episode with Jeroen Corthout.

Headlines: Salesflare Co-Founder Jeroen Corthout | Creating Leverage in Software and Media | EP Podcast

A LinkedIn Spam Discussion

Leverage in Software, CRM’s, and Salesflare

The Power of Discovery

The Intelligent CRM that is Salesflare

Behind the Scenes of Data Sharing

Embracing Competition

Using Content to Create an Audience

The Importance of Genuine Branding

What is Salesflare?

Salesflare Integrations with Social Media Platforms


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