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Scaling Your Business Through Outsourcing | John Jonas | EP Podcast

EP094 | Scaling Your Business Through Outsourcing with John Jonas

Scaling your business through outsourcing or as John likes to call it, “insourcing.” Our guest today is John Jonas, founder of which is the world’s largest and safest marketplace for finding rock star Filipino workers. In this episode, we discuss outsourcing, Filipino cultural values, and family. 


If you need some truth about scaling your business through outsourcing and what it means to work on your businessthen let this conversation be your guide as I get the opportunity to ask questions to this outsourcing leader.

When it comes to outsourcing, especially overseas, there are many incorrect assumptions. John is able to take these questions on outsourcing and give thought-provoking answers. You will understand how important this topic is to our guest in this conversation and that’s the sign of someone who cares about the product and service he provides.

The bottom line is if you are a business leader with big ambition you need to find new ways to scale your business. 

We hope you enjoy this chat about outsourcing with John Jonas. 


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