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Zuzana Dobro | Communism to Entrepreneurialism with Zuzana Dobro

EP117 | Communism to Entrepreneurialism with Zuzana Dobro

A communist child to an inspirational problem-solving entrepreneur. It can happen. And our guest today is living proof! This episode is full of inspiration and innovation as Eric Kasimov chats with Zuzana Dobro, founder of The WHO Method. Eric and Zuzana discuss finding yourself, sharing your story, travel, communism, and reading. 

Zuzana Dobro is a former communist kid who left the Eastern Bloc with £200 in her pocket. Zuzana wanted to pursue her passion for design. She worked across the creative industry in London. Her last full-time job was for a big corporation where she realized this was not what she wanted–so she quit! She would travel two years solo around the world. Exploring the world was a heart-opening experience for Zuzana, leading her to a calling and an entrepreneurship journey.

Zuzana helps entrepreneurs and small business owners gain clarity and reach alignment with their dream customer.

Thank you to Zuzana for sharing her innovation and inspiration.

We hope you enjoy this episode titled, “Communism to Entrepreneurialism with Zuzana Dobro” on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 


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