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Altered State of Affairs | Intuition, Trust, Entrepreneurship: Jerald Kasimov's Fictional Universe

EP153 | Intuition, Trust, and Entrepreneurship: Unveiling Jerald Kasimov’s Fictional Universe in Altered State of Affairs

A special Entrepreneur Perspectives episode featuring the author of the novel, Altered State of Affairs, Jerald Kasimov. Eric’s father. Altered State of Affairs also has a podcast with the same name. You can listen to that show here. This episode is the most recent, most listened-to episode, and the one with so many entrepreneurial perspectives. So we are bringing it to EP.

More about this episode (as originally heard on the Altered State of Affairs podcast: Blurring The Lines: Exploring Intuition And The Unknown In Fiction):

We’re exploring an intriguing intersection of fiction and reality that offers unique insights for entrepreneurs. We’ll explore the world of “Altered State of Affairs” by Jerald Kasimov, a novel that explores themes like intuition, the unknown, trust, and the search for answers – themes that entrepreneurs grapple with every day.

Part 1: The novel and its entrepreneurial relevance

“Altered State of Affairs” introduces us to Steven, who embarks on a perilous journey accompanied by the mysterious Cindy, a character who communicates through a subliminal force. As entrepreneurs, we often have to rely on our intuition or gut feelings when making decisions, much like Steven has to interpret Cindy’s guidance.

Part 2: Cindy – a metaphor for entrepreneurial instinct?

Cindy, despite lacking physical senses, can perceive emotions and events, mirroring the entrepreneur’s need to read the market and understand their customers’ needs. Her communication with Steven may not always be clear, much like how entrepreneurs often operate in uncertain conditions, having to interpret ambiguous signals to make the best decision.

Part 3: The quest for answers and the role of trust

Steven’s continuous quest for answers and his trust in Cindy’s guidance reflects an entrepreneur’s journey. Often, we seek answers and clarity in a dynamic, uncertain business environment. We learn to trust our instincts, our team, and our vision, even when clear answers are elusive. The narrative of “Altered State of Affairs” encourages us to consider the role of trust and the pursuit of understanding in our ventures.

Part 4: The power of interpretation and the entrepreneurial mindset

Just as Steven interprets Cindy’s advice, entrepreneurs must interpret market trends, customer feedback, and team dynamics. This calls for an open mind, a willingness to accept different perspectives, and the ability to pivot based on our interpretations. Cindy’s constant advice to Steven to “look inward” can be viewed as an invitation for entrepreneurs to reflect on their core values and motivations.


In this episode, we’ve bridged the world of fiction with the entrepreneurial journey through “Altered State of Affairs.” The novel offers intriguing insights on intuition, the unknown, and the importance of trust and interpretation – elements that resonate strongly with our entrepreneurial experiences.

Wrapping up:

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