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Unscripted | Simulation Theory and Living for “Friday”

It’s Friday, Friday! Well, maybe when you listen to this episode it’s Tuesday or Sunday, or another day. There are seven of them after all and each day is a good day to listen to this episode. Whatever day you listen, is a day we can sing Jared’s favorite song, “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

However, this episode isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. As usual, we talk some serious stuff. For instance, did you know there’s a high probability we live in a simulation? Yes, this is a simulation theory episode. However, if that’s the case, the Metaverse is kind of bizarre, right? Are we still considered the Saviors of The Metaverse if we live in a simulation? We can talk to AI today and debate with it about almost anything. Wait, what if we are actually the AI? Ok, too far.

This episode is another rollercoaster of emotions and awesome topics piquing your interest and making you laugh, as well as ruminating about your existence, so get ready!

We’re on to the 17th episode of SOM (again, short for Saviors of the Metaverse).

(a quick ask: a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify goes a long way, especially this time! The best review will be awarded the book: “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse” or “The Midnight Library”)

Saviors of the Metaverse 17 Topics | Simulation Theory and Living for “Friday”

Rebecca Black – Friday | Copyright Infringement | Getting nervous when police drive behind you | Hiring a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket | Cahoot | ChatGPT – AI you can speak with | Twitter bots arguing on Reddit about Socialism | Service businesses trend – higher prices, lower qualityDavid Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me | Human behavior | Quirks | OCD | Succubus/energy vampire | The most sanitary country | Nick Bostrom | The Midnight Library by Matt Haig | The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse – giveaway | Taylor Swift | Simulation hypothesis | Not letting your kids beat you at video games – teach them to fight for it | Positive self-talk | Students found their teacher on Onlyfans


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