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Army Combat Veteran Talks Decision-Making | Lance Collins, Pinnacle FP | Baghdad 2003

EP133 | Army Combat Veteran Talks Decision-Making | Lance Collins

In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Lance Collins, a United States Army Combat Veteran with 15 years of military service. This conversation is all about decision-making, flexibility, and having a consistent philosophy.

Lance Collins is a leader at Pinnacle Financial Partners where he is a Financial Advisor and Area Manager, overseeing a team of advisors specializing in wealth management and financial planning. I’ve had experience with Pinnacle Bank both in business to business and as a consumer. And hearing about Lance’s story both with the military and as a leader, it was important to continue the conversation on this podcast. If we are going to spend time talking about decision-making, we absolutely need to learn from those that risked their lives for our country. Lance tells stories from his time in the United States Military–and those stories will help anyone learn how to become a better decision-maker.

The image for this podcast was taken at Baghdad airport in 2003. This is after the main push when the US military began to have an occupational force throughout the city. Lance’s squad was QRF (Quick Reaction Force) for the battalion. This squad got on the birds as reinforcements when a unit was taking heavy casualties or needed additional help to eliminate the enemy.

Thank you to Lance Collins for his service. And thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode titled, “Army Combat Veteran Talks Decision-Making with Lance Collins.”

Headlines: Army Combat Veteran Talks Decision-Making | EP Podcast

You Better Have Flexibility in the Military and Business

Developing the Ability to Becoming a Better Decision-Maker

Making a Decision is Better Than No Decision

In the Military, Decision-Making is Life or Death

Make Really Good Small Decisions

Expectations When Joining the Military

Focus on What You Can Control, Not the Outcome

You Have to Re-Invent Yourself When Dealing With a Major Transition

Consistency in Messaging and a Core Philosophy

Do Not Compromise On Your Culture

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