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Bob Regnerus | Thinking Through Facebook Marketing | EP Podcast

EP132 | Thinking Through Facebook Marketing and More with Bob Regnerus

Facebook marketing and all that comes with it. There’s so much to think through when it comes to Facebook so we brought in a Facebook Advertising specialist to talk it out with. Bob Regnerus is the author of the book, “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising” so yeah we think he makes for a subject matter expert to take on this conversation with host, Eric Kasimov.

In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives Bob and Eric discuss coaching, gaining perspective, and as you know, Facebook advertising. 

When Bob’s team reached out to us about being on the podcast, we saw it as an opportunity to further our learning on Facebook advertising for those we work with and those that listen to and read our content. Speaking with Bob also gave us the chance to get under the hood of how specialists behind Facebook advertising think about Facebook, privacy, and content. 

Bob is not only a passionate entrepreneur, but he is also a leader on the court as well, serving as the high school basketball coach at Chicago Christian High School. This sports connection was the spark of our introspective conversation all about coaching others to become the best they can be. Thank you to Bob for showcasing his experience and insights on this episode.

Thinking Through Facebook Marketing and More with Bob Regnerus | EP Podcast

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