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Celiac Podcast Series | Craig Pinto of the Celiac Disease Foundation

Celiac Podcast Series | Craig Pinto of the Celiac Disease Foundation

A Celiac Podcast Series Episode featuring Craig Pinto from the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF). Craig is known for his kicking for a Celiac cure as he holds 4 Guinness Book World Records for field goal kicking! All of those records raised money for Celiac Disease.

As entrepreneurs, we are all dealing with something. Either directly or indirectly. It may be business-related, it may be something happening today, or it may have something to do with health. In my family, my wife and two daughters have all been diagnosed with Celiac disease. As we’ve attempted to learn more about Celiac, we’ve come across some amazing people. That’s why The Celiac Podcast Series exists. These people are taking Celiac head on and they are building something special at the same time. They are entrepreneurs, they are creators, and they are courageous. 

The Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) is an incredible organization that has been a resource for so many. We hope a podcast episode like this makes more people aware of CDF and Celiac Disease. It’s needed as 70-80% of people with Celiac Disease are undiagnosed.

Whether you have Celiac, know someone that has Celiac, or want to learn more about Celiac, I hope this series can provide insights and thoughts for you to explore more. While this is absolutely for the Celiac community and for Celiac awareness it’s also for people dealing with something, anything. We all are. No one is alone and as entrepreneurs, we need to find ways to keep going, to have purpose, to share stories, and to connect. So we plan on featuring leaders to share their stories. And to then connect through those stories. It’s all about content and connections. It just so happens this story and this series is about understanding Celiac.

In this Celiac Podcast Series episode, we feature Craig Pinto, the New York Area Development Officer at the Celiac Disease Foundation. 

Craig is a former college and professional football player and is a four-time Guinness Book World Record holder. He has a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management from New York University. Craig is dedicated to helping those with Celiac Disease thrive to live and feel their best and to raise money for the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF). As you’ll soon learn, Craig is an entrepreneur with his battle. And he fights it every day. He is an inspiration for many and we are honored to have the opportunity to chat with Craig and to share that conversation with you

We hope you enjoy the second episode in the Celiac Podcast Series featuring an individual kicking for a Celiac cure, Craig Pinto.


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