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Essentials | The Enormous Demand For Mental Health Care

Essentials | The Enormous Demand For Mental Health Care

People are struggling to access therapists as the demand for mental health care seems to be at an all-time high. This could be due to their location, the stigma that still exists around having a therapist, and the fact that there is a shortage of mental health professionals.

The increase in demand for therapy could be linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, political divisiveness, acts of violence, economic fears, addictions, relationships, and social media. The lack of access to therapy is also due to strict licensing rules, making it difficult for therapists to work across state lines. However, some states are working together to give reciprocity to each other. While the therapist stigma is still there, there is an increase in people seeking therapy and being willing to try it out.

This episode suggests opening up access to therapy by allowing out-of-state therapists to see people from different states. There is also a discussion about the cost of therapy, which is a concern, but also a sign that therapy is being seen by consumers as a necessity as people seem to be willing to pay for therapy without insurance. The overall message of the mental health industry is to help as many people as possible and provide them with the support they need.

This episode features Derek Bylsma. Derek is the Executive Director of Millennium Counseling Center and heads Millennium’s 3A and Sports divisions. He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a nationally board-certified counselor. He is also fully trained in EMDR Therapy.

– This podcast conversation came from the episode featuring Derek Bylsma on this Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. You can listen to the entire conversation here: EP146 | Therapist Shortage + Consuming Bad News

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