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EP138 | Admit What You Want with Diane Tarshis

EP138 | Admit What You Want with Diane Tarshis

“I help you do you.” That’s Diane Tarshis in a nutshell. Diane is the Founder of Startup Distillery, a startup consultancy for businesses of all kinds. Diane and Eric Kasimov talk about building the business you want, not what others expect or what you think society demands. And podcasting allows us all to talk through a heavy topic like this — thinking out loud if you will!

Themes to this episode: Nothing stays the same. Judging success. Talk things through.

Thank you to Diane for making it so easy and comfortable to have a wide-ranging conversation around subjects that make you think–and talk!

“Admit What You Want with Diane Tarshis “Headlines:

Free Yourself From To-Do Lists

Talk Things Through

The Only Constant in Life is Change

Podcasting Allows For Conversations

Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best (episode with Jill Salzman)

A Diane Tarshis Question For You: “Are You Happy?”

Don’t Use Buzzwords

Should You Scale Your Business

The Fear of Outsourcing

You’re Already Outsourcing

Content is Your Sales Team

Start a Business with Diane Tarshis


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