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Unscripted Flash | Sh!tty 90’s Rock Music Discussed!

A Saviors of the Metaverse “FlashBite” episode! This one goes out to all you 90s rock music lovers (and haters)!

What is a Flash episode?
An ode to one of our heroes. A podcast focused on hilarity (usually), digestibility, focused wisdom, speed, and brevity. All with some “saving” involved. This episode is taken from one of our longer-form episodes. So if you want to listen to that, you should do that.

The setlist of what these 2 rockstars discuss in this episode of “Flash | Sh!tty 90s Rock Music Discussed!”

  1. Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour
    • Mention of Aerosmith’s farewell tour with Black Crowes.
    • Personal thoughts on Steven Tyler.
  2. Distinct Features of Famous Musicians
    • Comparing Steven Tyler’s facial features to Freddie Mercury.
    • Conversational segue to Freddie Prinze Jr
  3. Musical Tastes and Biases
    • Discussion about judging someone based on their musical preferences.
    • Mention of Jeff Buckley as a “litmus test.”
  4. ’90s Music Opinions
    • Personal biases against certain ’90s bands like Matchbox 20 and Smash Mouth.
    • Appreciation for Counting Crows.
  5. The Power of Song Influence
    • Hip hop artists’ reaction to “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows.
    • Mention of other ’90s bands like The Verve Pipe, Third Eye Blind, and The Fray.
  6. Discussing Rob Thomas
    • Mixed feelings about Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20.
    • Mention of Rob Thomas’ appearance on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”
  7. Comparing Public Personas with Private Lives
    • Personalities on podcasts versus real life.
    • The idea of being genuine and expressive.
  8. Discussion of ’90s Bands
    • Brief talks on bands like Hootie and the Blowfish, Vertical Horizon, Stone Temple Pilots (STP).
    • The emotional impact of the passing of certain artists like Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland.
  9. The Spotify Experience
    • The revolutionary feel of Spotify’s music selection.
    • Comparison with older platforms like Pandora and the Pandora algorithm
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