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Unscripted | We Have an Overconsumption of Media Problem!

Once more, dear listeners, our audacious hosts Jared and Eric hurl themselves into the wild and ever-changing landscape of the Metaverse slash podcastverse slash mediaverse slash, oh you get the idea! Each spark in this digital cosmos represents another complex issue, another head-scratcher ready to be dissected. This time, the big questions are: Do we have an overconsumption of media problem? What’s the future of cities and civilizations? And seriously, what’s up with all the bad content out there?

Jared, our wise Metaverse sage, meditates on our age of excess—from social media feeds that never stop scrolling to sequel-saturated movie marathons. He delves into the grand tapestry of consumption, threading together observations and revelations with the skill of a master weaver.

Meanwhile, Eric, the “other” host, prepares to lift the curtain on Hollywood’s writers’ strike and the influence of AI in tinsel town. Is artificial intelligence our next Oscar-winning scriptwriter, or just a passing fad? And are AI large language models simply providing us with something we’ve always used (in a way) or is everyone on the verge of having a copyright infringement problemo?

Together, these co-hosts plunge into the complex labyrinth of urban futures, traversing from bustling metropolises to secondary cities offering a tantalizing blend of quality of life and vibrant culture. They navigate the twists and turns of shifting demographics, the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, and the precious element linking them all—water.

Throughout their exhilarating journey, these equal hosts have banter about a multitude of other intriguing topics, such as:

  • The crack in the roller coaster at Carowinds
  • Sarah Silverman is coming for OpenAI and Meta (and Google Bard is loving every second of it!)
  • The trials and tribulations of customer service
  • 2023’s record-breaking summer heat
  • The amusing irony of gym parking lots
  • Alarming incidents of alligator and shark attacks
  • The impact of climate change and weather cycles
  • Arizona’s millennial drought
  • The Northwestern football hazing scandal

So buckle up and hit subscribe as we venture once again into the knowledge-packed Metaverse, where the lessons are vast, the laughs are plenty, and the journey is just part of the fun. Our episode, “We Have an Overconsumption of Media Problem!”, promises a joyride of ridiculousness and wise wisdom. Exactly. See you in the Metaverse, fellow Saviors!

Oh and coming up next time on Saviors of the Metaverse, we will discuss: parents hiring $4,000 sorority consultants (WSJ), sharenting is the new parenting (to some), and weaponization of information congressional hearings.

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