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Unscripted Flash | The Lost Art of Critical Thinking

A Saviors of the Metaverse “Flash” episode! This one goes out to all you narcissistic people driving down the roads at ridiculous speeds and thinking the red lights don’t apply to you. Use this episode on critical thinking to pull your head out of your you know what. And yes, this episode applies to way more than your terrible driving habits!

What is a Flash episode?
An ode to one of our heroes. A podcast focused on hilarity (usually), digestibility, focused wisdom, speed, and brevity. All with some “saving” involved. This episode is taken from one of our longer-form episodes. So if you want to listen to that, you should do that.

Critical Thinking: A Lost Art?

In this episode, we converse on the lost art of critical thinking. In a world bombarded with information from every angle, how do we sift through the noise and foster independent thought? We dissect the media landscape, political theater, and the role of education in shaping (or misshaping) (y)our ability to think critically.

  • Media Mayhem: From Tucker Carlson’s massive viewership to the questionable launch of CNN Max, we explore the fast-changing media landscape and its impact on our consumption habits.
  • Political Theater: A candid discussion on the current political landscape, touching upon the personalities and policies of Trump and Biden, and the disillusionment with the two-party system.
  • Election Manipulation: Exploring the role of social media in elections, we discuss the potential for manipulation and the need for media literacy in today’s digital age.
  • The Education Conundrum: A look at the education system’s role in fostering critical thinking, or lack thereof, and the pressing need for a change in approach.
  • Individual Influence: Despite the grim outlook, we ponder the power of individual actions in fostering critical thinking, one person at a time. Or perhaps one Saviors of the Metaverse episode at a time!
  • The Shirtless Man Philosophy: Drawing parallels with the recurring “shirtless man,” we muse on the importance of not mindlessly wandering through the information streets and the potential enlightenment that comes from critical thinking.
Join us for a roller-coaster of insights, laughter, and perhaps a few saving moments to the critical thinking crisis. Remember, it’s never too late to foster critical thinking skills, and sometimes, all it takes is a nudge in the right direction. And while you’re at it, next time you’re driving. Think about not running a red light.
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