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Unscripted | The Shirtless Man’s Guide to Reality

Welcome back, fellow Saviors! This is the shirtless man episode — and that we can only explain in this crisp-sounding audio. We can tell you it’s an episode where we question time, media, politics, rainwater, driverless cars, and nunchucks. It’s a guide to reality really, so you’ll want to listen.

1. The Pulse of Creativity: Eric introduces us to “The Creativity Act” by Rick Rubin. And Jared enjoys every second of it! We get into the heart of content creation, the evolving relationship between audiences and media, and the undeniable influence of social media on basically everything.

2. Politics & Critical Thinking: From the current state of politics (not good!) to the importance of critical thinking, our hosts don’t hold back. In an age of information overload, where do we draw the line?

3. Time as a Construct: We take a philosophical detour, questioning the very nature of time. Is it a construct? A reality? Or something in between?

4. Arizona Chronicles: A tale of Arizona’s overrated water woes, unpredictable rain patterns, and a quirky driverless car story that might just make you rethink that next road trip. Jared has a lot to say about water. It’s one of those things that enrages him.

5. A Walk Down Memory Lane: Eric gets personal, recounting a chilling episode from his 8th-grade year. It’s a tale of resilience, growth, and the shadows of the past. Starter jackets and nunchucks. And Jared is ready to go back in time and save his co-host from the inevitable beatdown!

6. College Mandates: The return of COVID mandates in colleges sparks some eye rolls. Are they necessary? Overkill?

7. All About Sports: From the new NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV to the brawls in NFL stadiums, it’s a life-saving dive into the world of sports. And let’s not forget a spotlight on the future of soccer in America and the enigmatic Baker Mayfield.

8. And More: CNN Max, Tucker Carlson, media headlines, Elon Musk, what is good art…

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