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EP171 | Food Culture and Podcasting After Hours with "Eat Your Content" Host

EP171 | Food Culture and Podcasting After Hours with “Eat Your Content” Host

“Feed the creative!” In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, we feature Rich Herrera, host of Eat Your Content. We have a creativity-focused conversation about managing a day job, food culture, cooking shows, Jacksonville, and, at the theme of it all, podcasting.

“EP171 | Food Culture and Podcasting After Hours with ‘Eat Your Content’ Host” topics:

  • Balancing a day job with podcasting
  • Inspirations behind “Eat Your Content”
  • Juggling creativity with professional commitments
  • Explorations in food and culture
  • Streaming and cooking shows
  • The therapeutic effects of creative outlets
  • Podcasting’s impact on personal and professional life

About Rich Herrera and Eat Your Content:

Rich Herrera excellently juxtaposes his role in customer service management with his avid engagement in the creative and culinary worlds. His journey from managing client relationships to discussing the finer details of food and culture highlights the fulfilling nature of embracing creative endeavors alongside a traditional career.

To learn more about Rich’s insights into podcasting, cooking shows, and food writing, listen to his podcast Eat Your Content on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and follow him on social media for real-time updates and culinary highlights.


Rich’s day-to-day might remind you of a scene from “The Office”—good people, steady work, nothing glamorous but fulfilling in its own right. Yet, beyond these daily routines, Rich fuels his passion through his podcast, “Eat Your Content,” exploring everything from the nuances of popular cooking shows to Jacksonville’s food scene.

Why mention this? Like Rich, you might be contemplating a creative venture of your own. Whether it’s podcasting, writing, or another form of artistic expression, there’s something uniquely liberating about pursuing what genuinely interests you outside the regular 9-to-5.

I hope Rich’s story inspires you to explore those creative impulses.

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