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Content Marketing Podcast Series on Entrepreneur a KazSource production

Content Marketing Series: Creating Content Changes Lives

The act of creating content changes lives — it’s one thing for us to say as maybe we’re biased. But for someone else to say it from their experiences, we listen. That’s exactly what we talk about in this Content Matterz episode.

Mark Metry, an important voice for social anxiety and mental health was a featured guest on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. You can listen to both his episodes here:

Social Anxiety, Bullying, and Meditation

How Podcasts Saved My Life

We also featured a segment from these podcasts on how “podcasts saved his life“.

We’re obviously big believers in content creation so hearing this story about how creating content changed Mark’s life had us nodding along and listening. Because it’s true — creating content changes lives. I talk about how reading, writing, and listening had an impact on me before, during, and after building KazSource (and still today).

You don’t know how the content you create will benefit you–or someone else. It’s something you can’t measure. And sometimes it has nothing to do with any sort of measurement. And other times, the measurement is far greater than anything you could have ever imagined!


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