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NFT Opportunities | Jordan Michael Schuster | KazSource Podcast

Out There, a Podcast Series | NFT Opportunities | Jordan Michael Schuster

In this NFT Opportunities episode, I chat with Jordan Michael Schuester, an entrepreneur, leader, and changemaker in the NFT space. Jordan’s projects include Expaaand, Probably Nxthing, and Snacktually.

I came across Jordan’s content in the Trends Community on Facebook. He was dropping ridiculously insightful posts about NFTs. They not only captivated me but much of the Trends community.  

Jordan is exactly the person I wanted to learn from when it comes to NFTs. 

What we talked about:

  • Decentralized vs Centralized
  • The security issues with NFTs
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) ingredients on the blockchain
  • NFTs for ticketing and reservations
  • Multi-signature wallets
  • Monitoring kids with NFTs
  • When do NFTs go mainstream?
  • Physical art to NFTs
  • NFT Opportunities that exist – from security to distribution to simplification
  • Smart Contracts, lifetime access concerns, royalties, and more
  • Learning about NFTs
  • Web 2.5

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Learn more about what Jordan is working on:

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Probably Nxthing on Twitter | Daily NFT News

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About Expaaand | On a mission to hack global anxiety as we deploy transformational UX, novel interactions & liminal media changemakers in Web3 and Social Tech. (go here to learn more)

About Snacktually | Snacktually develops mouthmelting snacks & beverages from concept to manufacture. (go here to learn more)

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