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Entrepreneur Perspectives on Athletes Building a Brand with Mike Vernace

EP048: Perspectives on Athletes Building a Brand with Mike Vernace

Learn, give, pass, and shoot! Our guest today is Mike Vernace, Founder of Shiftd Hockey. Mike is a repeat guest of the podcast and came on to talk about many topics including athletes building a brand. Mike is a professional hockey player from Toronto, Ontario.

He has played in multiple professional leagues including the NHL and currently plays overseas in Denmark. In the NHL, Mike played for the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. Mike was drafted in 2004 by the San Jose Sharks and was awarded first all-rookie team in the 2004-5 season of the Ontario Hockey League.

Mike is focused not only on his game but also Shiftd Hockey. Mike is a true entrepreneur. With his passion for the game, he gives back by providing Hockey IQ Training which is critical in today’s analytical sports world. The Shiftd team reviews video footage of hockey players and breaks it down and then provides a detailed analysis combining relevant statistics and notes. This is all included in a player report that contains observations and recommendations. They also provide 1-to-1 learning with the players.

In this episode, Mike and Eric discuss: the hockey offseason, creating content, and overcoming obstacles. 

With Mike’s entrepreneurial drive, we are super excited to have him back on the podcast.

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