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EP041: Entrepreneur Perspectives on Creating Clarity: Jared Nichols

EP025: Perspectives on Building Your Brand in 2018 with Eric Kasimov, Jared Nichols, and John Priore

Build your business one conversation at a time. This is a unique episode where we welcome Jared Nichols, The New Futurist, to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this Episode, Eric Kasimov chats alongside Jared Nichols and John Priore, a social media producer at KazSource, about different topics that will help you as an entrepreneur build and protect your business. In this episode on building your brand in 2018 and beyond, we discuss how small businesses can stand out, how to think like a futurist, and personal engagement on social media.

Jared Nichols is a futurist, advisor, and faculty member at the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business, in Graduate and Executive Education. He teaches leaders, teams, and individuals, how to think like futurists so they create the best future for themselves and the people they serve. Jared is highly passionate about these topics which is why you may hear him banging his hands on the table!

This freestyle episode is at the core of what we do–helping you build and protect your business. We hope the perspectives we discuss on creatively running your business will help you in 2018 and beyond.

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