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Perspectives on Disrupting the Laundry Industry with Dan D'Aquisto

EP073: Perspectives on Disrupting the Laundry Industry with Dan D’Aquisto

Would you drop everything to start your business? This entrepreneur did just that. Our guest today is Dan D’Aquisto, co-founder of 2ULaundry.

In this episode, we discuss start-ups, hustle, and laundry.  


2ULaundry started in a classroom at Wake Forest University. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dan moved to Charlotte to help launch this startup with his friend Alex.  

2ULaundry is the new way to do laundry and dry cleaning. It helps people make time for what matters most in their lives. Currently, you can find 2ULaundry in Charlotte and Atlanta with plans of expanding to different cities.  

Dan’s real-life examples of hard work were on full display in our chat. His actions prove he truly wants to succeed and build an amazing company. And with so much to talk about…let’s get right into this episode and welcome, Dan D’Aquisto.

Use discount code, “KAZ” for 20% off your first two orders with 2U Laundry.  


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