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Mitch Long

EP004: Perspectives of an Experienced Go-Getter with Mitch Long

Story telling time with one of the best. Eric welcomes, Mitch Long, a Sales VP at KazSource, Inc where he leads the way in sales activity and educating the market on insurance. In this episode they talk about business in 2017, perspectives of the insurance market and the Pittsburgh Steelers! Mitch is an incredible story teller and he shows why in this fast paced interview. For the business owner, learning how to connect at a deep level with your clients is critical in today’s fast paced economy. Mitch shares his stories including the time he left the company he planned on retiring with.

Eric also questions Mitch on what he has learned from running 10 marathons for his business, how the 50 to 60 plus year olds are handling the changing business landscape including the use of social media, and what is going on with the long term care market. As always, Eric fires shots at his guest about email marketing, favorite social media apps, and of course Super Bowl predictions. The show is based around the perspectives of an entrepreneur. And this entrepreneur is full of sincerity and activity.


Music, “Here for the Win” provided by SongwriterJess

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