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Perspectives from Thought Leaders on Sales | EP Podcast

EP069: Perspectives from Sales Leaders on Sales

Sales insight and tips from successful sales leaders. This is a mashup episode featuring Shane Snively, Cynthia Kay, and Mitch Long. 

In this episode, we discuss Sales, Sales, and more Sales 

Shane, Cynthia, and Mitch have all been featured on previous episodes. If you haven’t heard them yet, here they are:

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Let’s get right into this sales episode. 

0:38 | This section is from The Strategy Addict, Shane Snively. Don’t fake it. Having a passion for sales is critical. You will not make it if you are not selling with a passion. Listen to Shane talk about selling with a passion. 

7:17 | This segment is all about The Activity Monster, Mitch Long. As a salesperson, you’ll develop a strategy that works for you. Mitch discusses the benefits of a salesperson continuously showing up.  

12:40 | The new age tools can lead to big business. However, you miss some critical aspects of communication with these tools. In this part, Cynthia Kay discusses why sometimes you must stop typing and pick up the phone and call.  

13:41 | As a salesperson, your time is valuable. In this segment, Mitch Long discusses how to go about managing your time and how you need to start thinking about time in sales.

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