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Unscripted Flash | Content Overload!

Content overload! How do we make sense of the never-ending stream of content in our lives?? From social media to T.V. it seems like there is no pause button, and most of it is garbage! The Saviors share their predictions for the direction content is headed, but of course, in classic Saviors fashion, the conversation takes a few detours… So buckle up!

What is a Flash episode?

An ode to one of our heroes. A podcast focused on hilarity (usually), digestibility, focused wisdom, speed, and brevity. All with some “saving” involved. This episode is taken from one of our longer-form episodes. So if you want to listen to that, you should do that.

In this episode:

  • A strange encounter with a shirtless man…
  • Learning how to create
  • Convincing people to buy your product
  • Just start publishing!
  • The never-ending amount of bad content
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