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The Sound of Business with Dr. Tori Ellis - Entrepreneur Perspectives

EP164 | All the Feels: Hip Hop and The Sound of Business with Dr. Tori Ellis

Dr. Tori Ellis, a Brooklyn-based psychologist, mom, and entrepreneur believes in fostering and inspiring creativity to boost those around her. In this episode, she throws back the curtain on her creative process, from the spark that ignited her book to the unique approach she brings to the world of business.

Buckle up as she blends insightful psychology with the creativity of hip-hop, revealing how bridging these worlds helps individuals and companies level up their game. Witness the journey of a therapist turned author, and learn how Dr. Tori invests in both her business and her voice, proving that success starts with nurturing your own passions. Get ready to unlock your potential, as Dr. Tori reminds us that anyone can find their own rhythm and build something extraordinary.

Topics Discussed in “All the Feels: Hip Hop and The Sound of Business with Dr. Tori Ellis”

  1. A profound story of a professor who believed in her, and launched her journey as an author.
  2. Dr. Tori discusses the importance of fostering creativity, especially in younger people.
  3. Learn how Dr. Tori infuses the passion and flow of Hip Hop into her approach to strategy, guiding you to find your unique cadence for success.
  4. Get a glimpse into Dr. Tori’s life as a mom and explore the surprising ways her journey intersects with her professional life.

Dr. Tori Ellis is a certified life and business coach, author, and entrepreneur. She’s the accomplished author of ‘The Sound of Business: Seeing Entrepreneurship through Hip Hop,’ a work that fuses entrepreneurship and her passion for Hip Hop, bridging the worlds of business and creativity. Her journey is defined by a steadfast commitment to growth, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of empowerment.

With a profound background in entrepreneurship and business coaching, she has spearheaded the revamping and scaling of several businesses from the ground up, including two of her own ventures. Her impact extends across diverse sectors, including education, fitness, and professional services.

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