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Unscripted | The Art of Questioning Everything Without Falling into Cynicism

Welcome to the Unscripted podcast series on Entrepreneur Perspectives. This series is a tribute to “Saviors of the Metaverse,” a remarkable show that deftly navigates the complex intersections of society, culture, technology, and the most bewildering, humorous, and significant headlines and phenomena of our era: from the historical past to the present, the imaginable future, and the depths of simulated realities. Each episode is an odyssey through spontaneous dialogue, offering you a seat at the table of this unscripted conversation (or at least, the feeling of being in the thick of it).

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Topics in this Unscripted episode, The Art of Questioning Everything Without Falling into Cynicism

  • TikTok Facts: The New Age Encyclopedia or Digital Myth Maker?
  • The Art of Questioning Everything Without Falling into Cynicism
  • The Epidemic of Offense in Modern Discourse
  • Nikki Haley: Too Many Text Messages
  • Voting in Primaries
  • Staying Curious in a World of Predetermined Opinions
  • OG Facebook Prompts?
  • Trump vs. Biden 2026: The Rematch Nobody Asked For?
  • Revisiting Presidents: Grover Cleveland and William McKinley
  • The Pan American Games in Buffalo, NY and an American Tragedy
  • A Trip Back to When Simple Colds or Stomach Aches were Deadly
  • Scandals: The Dark Side of Digital Therapy
  • The Streaming Revolution: Why Actors Now Prefer the Small Screen
  • Writing Fiction: The Last Bastion of True Freedom?
  • The Lost Art of Conversation: Why No One Listens Anymore
  • Victimhood Culture: From Dueling to Whining
  • Speculating on the 2026 Presidential Election
  • Buffalo Bills Head Coach Expectations
  • The Surprisingly High Average Age of Politicians
  • “The Humans” by Matt Haig: A Mirror to Our Society

Join us in this episode of Unscripted as we embark on a journey with Jared, his new iPad Pro, and a narrative filled with curiosity, the challenge of staying unoffended in an easily offended world, and the transformative power of writing fiction. Discover how these themes weave through the tapestry of today’s societal conversations, inviting us to ponder, laugh, and maybe even question the very fabric of our reality.

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