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Broadway Podcast - Sean Cercone Brings Broadway From NYC to Your Theatre and On Demand

EP163 | Broadway Podcast | Sean Cercone Brings Broadway From NYC to Your Theatre and On Demand

Theatre for everyone! Sean Cernone is revolutionizing the way we experience one of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment: theatre. This is the Broadway podcast for 2024 and beyond.

Welcome to this special episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, where we illuminate the expansive world of Broadway theatre. Our guest is Sean Cercone.

Sean is a pioneer in theatre’s digital transformation and the founder/CEO of Broadway Licensing Global. From the iconic lights of New York City’s Broadway to theatres near you and the convenience of digital streaming, discover how Sean is making theatre accessible worldwide.

Broadway Podcast Episode Highlights:

  1. The Evolution of Theatre: Exploring the revolutionary changes in theatre, focusing on landmark shows like “Rent” and “Hamilton,” and their impact on the theatrical landscape.
  2. The Competitive Spotlight: Drawing parallels between the intensity of theatre acting and sports, highlighting the fierce competitiveness and commitment in the theatrical realm.
  3. Behind the Curtain: Examining the extensive time and financial investment in theatre, from the cost of tickets to the expenses of travel.
  4. Sean Cercone’s Global Mission: Understanding Sean’s dedication to making theatre accessible to all, both in local communities and through innovative digital platforms.
  5. The Therapeutic Stage: Discussing the mental health benefits and challenges for both actors and audiences in theatre.
  6. Nurturing Young Talent: Unveiling strategies to get more children involved in theatre, nurturing the next wave of performers and enthusiasts.
  7. The Digital Transformation: Exploring the digitization of live theater, including the impact of shows like “Hamilton” on Disney+, and contemplating the future of theater in the digital era.
  8. Licensing as a Bridge: How Sean’s initiatives in licensing musicals to schools and communities are opening up theatre to wider audiences.
  9. Theater’s Collective Embrace: Celebrating the unifying and community-building power of theatre in society.
  10. A Personal Overture: Revisiting my memorable theatre experiences from Buffalo to NYC to the Carolinas, showcasing beloved productions like “Tommy,” “Les Misérables,” “Lion King,” “Rent,” and “Hamilton.” Learn how shows like “Hamilton” have deeply influenced my daughter’s life (and many others!), igniting a passion for theatre—and history!
  11. The Future on Stage: A visionary discussion about the future of theatre and Broadway On Demand, imagining a world where theater transcends geographical limits and becomes a universal experience.

Sean Cercone is the founder and CEO of Broadway Licensing Global and its family of imprints including Broadway Licensing, Dramatists Play Service, Playscripts, and Stage Rights, which creates, produces, and distributes live-stage theatrical content in over 90 countries. Representing work by the greatest collection of authors, composers, lyricists, and underlying rights holders in the world.

In 2020, Broadway Licensing Group launched the Emmy® Award-nominated streaming platform Broadway On Demand, offering exclusive theatrical content, interactive events, and original programming projected to reach well over 200 million households by 2024.

In all, the combined force of the Broadway Licensing Group family of imprints continues to grow, with a singular goal to make everyone in the world a theatre person. Thanks to a unique licensing interface, the ShowShareTM product and service allows an approved middle school, high school, college, community, and professional theatre productions the opportunity to stream and virtually archive their productions via their global platform. In all, Broadway On Demand strives to make Broadway’s long-held promise of being the ‘longest street in the world’.

And now Broadway Licensing Group is proud to partner with Sonia Friedman Productions, Colin Callender, and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions to bring Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to school productions in 2024.

Connect with Sean Cernone and Broadway Licensing Global and Broadway On Demand: LinkedIn | Licensing | On Demand

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