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EP139 | Lawn Care Issues with GreenPal Co-Founder and CEO, Bryan Clayton

EP139 | Lawn Care Issues with GreenPal Co-Founder and CEO, Bryan Clayton

The lawn care industry is littered with issues. So we take on those issues and more with GreenPal Co-Founder and CEO, Bryan Clayton. This episode is more than just lawn care issues as the lawn care industry provides the perfect backdrop to this conversation. In fact, this episode gets philosophical and deep real quick!

Why I wanted to host Bryan Clayton on Entrepreneur Perspectives: I wanted to learn more about the lawn care business because quite frankly, it’s a disaster! And it seemed to me that’s why GreenPal existed–to fix those issues. The industry is filled with average, shady tactics, cash businesses, and bait and switch methods. So yeah, I wanted to understand how you build a business in an industry like that and how that relates to many other industries as lawn care is by no means the only industry with issues–all industries have them.

Bryan Clayton at GreenPal solves these issues while utilizing the gig economy that we live in. We talk about finding your purpose, entrepreneurship, how building a business is like a video game, and the behind the scene reality of starting your own company. GreenPal brings value to entrepreneurs and homeowners by offering a service that is reliable while saving time. That time saving not only comes from allowing someone else to handle your lawn care but also there is time saved in the process before and after the lawn care service with the GreenPal app.

Simply put, GreenPal is lawn mowing made easy.

In this episode, Eric Kasimov talks with Brian Clayton about the identity of GreenPal and how the foundation of his business is built off of accountability. This conversation is an opportunity to learn about building a business that brings value to consumers and business owners, having purpose as an entrepreneur, and growing a business in the gig economy. GreenPal has solved the issue of having reliable lawn care, but it wasn’t without overcoming adversity. You’ll hear how Bryan and his team were diligent with growing a client base and adding vendors for the GreenPal app. Spending time cold calling on weekends and begging people for a $30 dollar lawn care service are small examples of what it takes to grow an 8 figure business.

Headlines | Episode 139 | Lawn Care Issues with GreenPal Co-Founder and CEO, Bryan Clayton

What is GreenPal?

GreenPal is the Uber For Lawn Mowing

Accountability as a Foundation

Growing an 8 Figure Business

Video Game Metaphor 

Finding Your Purpose Through Entrepreneurship

Why Appear on Podcasts

Your Business Should Be an Extension of You

Systemize Your Business Like GreenPal Does

The Philosophy of GreenPal CEO Bryan Clayton

Environmental Concerns with Lawn Care

The Gateway to Entrepreneurship 


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