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Need to Motivate Yourself? Get Emotional; Trigger Your Why

Ever feel like you don’t have “it”, like you just can’t get it going today? Relax. The occasional drop in motivation is normal. You just need a jump-start to motivate yourself.

Different jump-starts work for different people at different times. Maybe you need a lap around the office park, or a funny conversation with a co-worker, or a cup of coffee. Maybe you just need some time away to rest and re-set. Whatever works for you, find it, remember it, use it, and take advantage of it.

But one of the best ways for me to find my motivation again is to remember why I do what I do. My “why” is rooted in helping entrepreneurs create opportunities through amazing content. One of the entrepreneurs I help is myself, so we’re talking about the well-being of my wife, my kids, my business, and my clients. That’s huge. It keeps me going.

What’s your “why”?

But knowing why you go to work in the morning isn’t always enough. You need to get your emotions involved, to really feel your “why.” That’s where the motivation happens. So you need something to trigger that emotion when you need it.

Your trigger could be a song, a movie, a picture, an event, even a thought. If you have kids, I can almost promise that pictures of your kids set to music will wake your butt up and remind you why you do what you do. Go deep. Bring emotion into it. Great things will happen.

Now a caveat—if you don’t like what you do, it’s almost guaranteed that you don’t have a very strong “why.” Unless the work you do is a means to an end in which case that can be your “why”. I really recommend finding clarity in why you do what you do. You’ll be able to bring much more of yourself to your work, if you enjoy, or at least understand clearly what it is all for.

And when you can trigger your “why,” you will motivate yourself to do good work.

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