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SudShare | Laundry as a Gateway to the Gig Economy | Mort Fertel

EP137 | Laundry as a Gateway to the Gig Economy with SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

The gig economy now includes a marketplace for laundry thanks to SudShare. That’s a topic we explore in this podcast conversation with the CEO of SudShare. We talk about everything from leveraging code and media to going into business with family. SudShare helps entrepreneurs get the start they need and helps people looking to outsource their laundry — and save time!

In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mort Fertel, Dad and CEO of SudShare. SudShare’s mission is to create a marketplace for laundry that improves the quality of life for millions. This conversation is an opportunity to learn about building a business based on personal needs, the good and bad of family businesses, and the gig economy.

On one side of the SudShare platform are customers who outsource their laundry — and while doing so, save themselves time. On the other side of the platform are the washers (also know as Sudsters) who turn their laundry room into a work from home gig. SudShare is the first manual labor work from home gig in the world.

They have been in a handful of cities for few years, tweaking the algorithm, perfecting policies, procedures, and systems. Now they’ve scaled nationally!

With SudShare it has never been easier to do laundry. And save time for those into outsourcing these tasks.

Headlines | Episode 137 | Laundry as a Gateway to the Gig Economy with SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

What is a Sudster

How to Use the SudShare app

Quality Control in All That SudShare Does

Save Time by Outsourcing

Leverage Code and Media

The Good and Bad of Family Business

Exit Strategies

Kids Have Great Ideas Too

The Gateway to Entrepreneurship 


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