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Perspectives on Storytelling and Pursuing your Passions | EP Podcast

EP070: Perspectives on Storytelling and Pursuing your Passions

Storytelling time. How will you tell your story? This is a mashup episode featuring Alan Major, Harvey Hargrove, Brady Murray, and Eric Kasimov.   

In this episode we discuss stories, pursuing your passions, and more stories. 

Alan, Harvey, and Brady have all been featured on previous episodes. If you haven’t heard them yet, here they are:

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Let’s get right into this episode all about stories. 

0:41 | This first piece is from College Basketball Coach, Alan Major. Sometimes you have to speak things into existence. This story takes us back to Alan’s days in graduate school at Cal Lutheran University. Here he talks about pursuing your passions.   

4:06 | This next segment is all about the professional baseball journey with Harvey Hargrove. As a minor league baseball player, you constantly work to improve. And Harv proves that with this story about making it in professional baseball.  

9:26 | “That what you desire most is what you will always get.” In this segment, Brady Murray discusses his inspiration behind starting RODS (racing for orphans with down syndrome) and his story about why it means so much to him. 

12:00 | This last story is about how our content marketing business, KazCM, got started. In this story, Eric discusses the reason behind starting a content marketing business and why we enjoy helping entrepreneur’s create content.  

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