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Perspectives on Using Social Media to Open Doors | EP Podcast

EP071: Perspectives on Using Social Media to Open Doors

Do you use social media to meet great people? We do and it works. This is a mashup episode featuring four stories around us meeting new people on Twitter and Instagram. The using social media to open doors episode features John PrioreGino Trapani, Brady Murray, and Zachary Hooks 

In this episode, we discuss social mediadirect messaging, and business development.

John, Gino, Brady, and Zach have all been featured on previous episodes. If you haven’t heard them yet, here they are:

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Let’s get right into this episode all about opening doors through social media. 

0:43 | This first piece is from our Content Marketer at KazCM, John Priore. Finding a job for a college graduate can be tough. This story takes us back to how John landed an internship (and now job) with KazCM using Twitter.     

2:15 | This next segment is all about a shared passion for sports and business with Gino TrapaniWe met Gino on Twitter after his sports and business article grabbed our attention. As business professionals, it is important to find what you are passionate about and use that to connect with others.  

4:08 | Business development in the professional world is a must. In this segment, Brady Murray discusses how social media can help professionals exceed their potential.  

7:31 | Instagram can lead to great relationships. This is a story from Zachary Hooks about how we first got connected through Instagram and built a relationship from there. It all started with our SportsEpreneur Instagram account.

Want help opening doors through social media? Learn More.

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