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Revolutionizing Sports Betting Through Web3 Integration

EP152 | Revolutionizing Sports Betting Through Web3 Integration

In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, we chat with Neil Zhang, the entrepreneur behind Frontrunner. Frontrunner is an innovative decentralized sports prediction market that aims to transform the way fans, investors, and sports betting enthusiasts engage with sports. Yes, we are talking about revolutionizing sports betting…

Learn how Frontrunner merges finance, sports betting, and blockchain technology to deliver a unique and dynamic experience for users. We cover a range of topics, including the influence of betting and fantasy sports on fan engagement, MLB’s challenges in captivating fans, and the critical issue of gambling addiction. We also discuss Neil’s insights on being an entrepreneur, handling stress, and the exciting world of Web3. This episode is essential listening for sports enthusiasts, millennials, Gen Z, and investors seeking to stay ahead in the game!

Two quotes from Neil Zhang that stand out:

“It’s easier to be a sports fan today than at any time in history.”

“We all need to simplify Web3 for the better.”

Topics discussed in this sports betting market episode featuring Neil Zhang, entrepreneur and founder of Frontrunner:

  • The impact of sports betting and fantasy sports on fan engagement
  • MLB’s challenge to attract and retain fans – what can be improved?
  • The future of sports betting and Frontrunner’s groundbreaking vision and approach
  • Tackling addiction concerns in gambling, sports betting, and fantasy sports
  • Managing stress and forward-thinking as an entrepreneur
  • Embracing Web3 technology and its role in shaping Frontrunner’s platform
  • Trading positions and the workings of the sports betting market
  • Neil’s perspective on the current state of college education

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More about Frontrunner founder, Neil Zhang:

Neil Zhang attended college at the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with a BAS in computer science and fine arts in May of 2016. He worked in New York City as a member of Nielsen, primarily in data science before attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania for his MBA with a concentration in finance and marketing. Neil is fascinated with analytics and sports data modeling.

More on the vision of Frontrunner:

“In 2019, I placed a bet at the beginning of the season on the long shot San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV. They would go on to make it to the Super Bowl but ended up losing. Despite being 99% right, I couldn’t cash in on my success. I then asked myself, “Why can’t I change my bet or position at any time and profit?” This one question turned into many I had with my friends, who became founders – all of them landing at the same conclusion – the modern sports fan is being underserved through antiquated ways of sports betting. The idea of stock market-style sports betting was born. (source:

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Web3 | So Many Questions! | A Podcast Series

Web3 is happening so fast—or at least that’s what it seems like. In actuality, there is time—a lot of time. It’s very early in the Web3 world. It’s also very confusing (maybe because there are so many buzzwords or maybe it’s because there are a lot of people promising a bright future). I’d say it’s best to talk to those in the space. And that’s where this Web3 dialogue (podcast series) is coming from. It’s an opportunity to share space with those that have experience, stories, and proof of concept related to all things Web3. This episode just so happens to hone in on revolutionizing sports betting.

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