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Sales is Not a Dirty Word + Letting Go as an Entrepreneur | Shawn Shewchuk

EP159 | Sales is Not a Dirty Word + Letting Go | Shawn Shewchuk

In this episode, we get into the heart of productivity, sales, and entrepreneurship with Shawn Shewchuk. Together, we explore a myriad of topics, from lifestyle choices to the essence of trust. We reflect on moments of letting go, attempts to hack the impossible — productivity, and the importance of conversations and podcasts. On that topic of letting go, we think through the two kinds of entrepreneurs, and how ego and fear define one of them. It all comes down to honest self-awareness. And we hope this episode will play a positive role for you.

Topics Discussed:

  • Opening reflections on lifestyle: Canada, hockey, skiing, Texas, Calgary, Rocky Mountains
  • Dispelling the myth: Sales is not a dirty word
  • The two types of entrepreneurs: Which one are you?
  • The art of letting go and delegating
  • Exploring the role of ego and fear in entrepreneurship
  • Unraveling the intricacies of sales and marketing
  • The importance of clarity in achieving success
  • Trust: An indispensable asset in business
  • Productivity: A genuine tool, not just a buzzword
  • Why appearing on podcasts is crucial for visibility

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  • Music, “Here for the Win” provided by Songwriter Jess
  • About Shawn Shewchuk: Shawn Shewchuk, renowned productivity speaker, and Results Coach, is a go-to professional for high achievers seeking results. With over 28 years of experience, Shawn has partnered with leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations worldwide. He’s a bestselling author, a serial entrepreneur, and a developer of a proven methodology centered on improving results in less time. Company Website | Personal Website | LinkedIn