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Make Some Really Good Small Decisions | Army Combat Veteran

Essentials | Make Some Really Good Small Decisions First as Told by US Army Combat Veteran

There may be no better person to learn about decision-making from than a military combat veteran. In this EP Shorts episode, we talk with US Army Combat Veteran, Lance Collins.

Lance talks about how it’s important to make some really good small decisions first. This insight is surrounded by what to do with outdated intelligence, never having all of the information, life or death decisions, and helping others become better at making decisions. This work to become a better decision maker applies to someone whether they are making a decision for their country, their platoon, their life, their business, their family, or in the day-to-day.

Decisions are everywhere and they are not easy. But talking with US military veterans like Lance Collins of the United States Army certainly helps us on our path to becoming better decision-makers in all that we do. And it starts with, as Lance says, “making some really good small decisions first.”

Topics from Make Some Really Good Small Decisions First as Told by US Army Combat Veteran

The Military Decision-Making Process: Making Better Decisions Versus Making Decisions Better

War Books: The Art of the Decision

Research Enhances Soldier Decision Making

The Art of Decision Making on Psychology Today

– This podcast conversation came from the episode featuring Lance Collins on this Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. You can listen to the entire conversation here: EP133 | Army Combat Veteran Talks Decision-Making | Lance Collins

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