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EP143 | Bad Grades in School to Sports Business Founder With Dan Soviero | KazSource

EP143 | Bad Grades in School to Sports Business Founder With Dan Soviero

Bad grades weren’t about to stop this entrepreneur / sports business founder. And what’s cool, is he is sharing his story with and for others like him. In this introspective conversation with Dan Soviero, we hear stories of going deaf in one ear, being kicked out of school, losing the opportunity to play school sports, managing depression, and having bad grades. All of these obstacles are enough to expect ongoing failure. But these trying times led to Signature Athletics — and much more.

Starting in his college dorm room, Dan Soviero built a team of former NCAA lacrosse teammates, who were as passionate about giving back to the sport — just like he was. Signature Lacrosse created their own lacrosse ball, which quickly became the most trusted ball in the NCAA, the Official Ball of Professional Lacrosse, and the Official Ball of Federation of International Lacrosse.

Today, Signature has sold over ten million lacrosse balls! But as we said, there is so much more to Signature and Dan Soviero.

In this episode on Bad Grades in School to Sports Business Founder, we take on topics including:

  • not playing sports due to a pandemic and other reasons
  • deep depression
  • having a guiding north star
  • fathers and sons
  • how sports have the power to change lives for the better
  • the power of therapy
  • Signature Athletics & Signature Lacrosse
  • why appear on podcasts
  • making content for your kids
  • pick up the phone
  • youth sports
  • managing parents during youth sports events
  • the future of lacrosse
  • finally taking reading seriously
  • doing one thing better each day

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