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Sports Science Startup AIM7 | Dr. Erik Korem

EP160 | Sports Science Startup AIM7 | Dr. Erik Korem

A podcast episode focused on a sports science startup. It’s all about the founder’s path which includes being bullied as a kid, how football changed his life, reflecting on a coaching change playing college football at Texas A&M, working in sports science for the Houston Texans, discovering incredible sports technology for the NFL, and founding a company that brings sports science to all! A sports science startup episode you won’t want to miss with AIM7 founder, Dr. Erik Korem.

More about Dr. Erik Korem:

Erik Korem is the founder and CEO of AIM7, a health and wellness content creator, and a former NFL sports scientist. His mission is centered around equipping people with the confidence and knowledge to live a healthy and fulfilled life. He is making advancements in wearable technology (did you know that wearable tech is not totally accurate?!) that will be the most personal device to date in order to create unique lifestyle changes and habits for each and every individual.

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