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Ego Awareness Conversation | Jim James, The Unnoticed Entrepreneur

EP154 | Ego Awareness Conversation | Jim James, The Unnoticed Entrepreneur

In this Entrepreneur Perspectives episode, we sit down with the insightful Jim James, the man behind The Unnoticed Entrepreneur podcast. And we talk about ego awareness.

Any good conversation starts off with some friendly banter and some getting-to-know-one-another dialogue. And this one starts with soccer…football. We explore relegation in English football.

We then get into that ego awareness topic. Not an easy topic for entrepreneurs… but an essential one.

Vanity metrics, mental health for entrepreneurs, ego, and self-awareness are all points we chat about. In a surprising turn of events, Jim gets candid about his toeing the line with alcoholism.

And anytime two podcasters turn on the mics, you can expect a podcasting dialogue. Why podcasting, you may ask? You’ll hear all about the transformative power of staying present in conversations and fostering genuine connections through podcasting.

Sometimes when you host a podcast, you will be blown away by the person you get to talk with. That was this conversation with Jim James. And to make it more wild, while we are located in Charlotte, NC, Jim went to school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and even spent time as a child in Charleston, SC. I guess it’s a small world, but maybe not. Why? These podcast connections continue to prove it’s normal to cross paths with people across a huge body of water where there is something in common.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Contrast of Cultures: Learn about the unique disparities between English football and American sports, the exciting growth potential of soccer in the US, and the commercialization of youth sports.
  2. Vanity Metrics & Authentic Success: Unpack the misleading world of vanity metrics in entrepreneurship, understand the significance of self-awareness, and evaluate the role of ego in driving our ambitions.
  3. The Battle Within: Jim bravely shares his story of drinking. Gain invaluable insights about mental health challenges for entrepreneurs and the liberating benefits of quitting alcohol cold-turkey,
  4. Power of Podcasting: Discover why podcasting is such a powerful medium for entrepreneurs. We discuss the art of staying present in conversations and the amazing human connections one can build through podcasting.
  5. The Entrepreneurial Ego: Recognize the fine line between need and want, and the role the ego plays in clouding our judgement. Learn how to shift perspective, from comparing ourselves to others to comparing with our previous selves.
  6. Health Consciousness: Increase your awareness of personal well-being and how to substitute unhealthy habits for healthier ones.
  7. Social Media & Mental Health: Explore the intricate intersection of social media and mental health, and learn to utilize social media in a way that fosters a healthier self-perception.

Wrapping up:

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About our guest, Jim James (host of The Unnoticed Entrepreneur podcast):

Hailing from the UK, Jim James is an entrepreneurial champion for the unnoticed, having walked that path since founding his PR firm, EASTWEST, in Singapore in 1995. With years spent in Beijing, Jim broadened his business portfolio, importing Morgan Motor cars, establishing the Beijing chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, and holding key roles in the British Chamber of Commerce and Lotus Cars.

Jim’s vibrant past extends to living experiences in Africa and America, lending a global perspective to his endeavors and shaping the diverse voices of his podcast, The Unnoticed Entrepreneur.

Back in the UK now, he’s turned a fresh entrepreneurial chapter. Having sold his PR agency and assuming the Chairman role, Jim is now focused on his Unnoticed Entrepreneur project, a concept birthed from assisting fellow entrepreneurs during the COVID crisis. Amid his business ventures, he’s a proud father of two daughters and doting owner of Binkie, a beagle that ensures daily walks, no matter how long he spends in the studio.