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Trust the Written Work with Caroline Ailanthus, author of Bifurcation Events

EP172 | Trust the Written Work with Caroline Ailanthus

In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, we feature Caroline Ailanthus, a novelist and fiction enthusiast. Caroline juggles her roles as an author, blogger, freelance writer, and editor. In her work, Caroline explores the themes of ecological and societal bifurcation, exploring the seismic shifts that define our times.

Caroline appeared on our show in early 2023. At that time, she gave us permission to write badly. Today, she encourages us to trust the written work.

Trust the Written Work with Caroline Ailanthus highlights:

  • Her new novel, “Bifurcation Events”
  • Ernest Hemingway and literary heroes
  • AI as a tool for writing and the future of writing
  • Using outlines and more outlines to write a novel
  • Worldbuilding in writing: “I only have to tell you what you need to hear.”
  • As a writer and editor, Caroline Ailanthus encourages us to trust the written work

Bifurcation Events blurb:

There are moments that divide life into before and after. Death can do it. Any disaster can. But so can miracles. So can love.

Andy, a scientist, calls these moments bifurcation events, a technical term that may or may not apply literally. He’s seen his share, most dramatically in the complete collapse of the civilization of his youth–and the beginnings of another. His story, or part of it, was told in the novel, Ecological Memory. Here are the related stories of some of his family and friends.

One novel. Two novellas. Five short stories. Bifurcation Events. BUY CAROLINE’S BOOK NOW

About Caroline Ailanthus:

Caroline Ailanthus is known for her deep dives into complex themes using the medium of science fiction. Her books, including To Give a Rose, Ecological Memory, and her latest, Bifurcation Events, weave intricate narratives that explore the profound impacts of ecological and societal changes. Caroline’s work challenges readers to reflect on the world around them while entertaining them with richly crafted stories.

Connect with Caroline:

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