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Give Yourself Permission to Write Badly with Caroline Ailanthus

EP151 | Give Yourself Permission to Write Badly with Caroline Ailanthus

As the dawn broke over the latest installment of Entrepreneur Perspectives, a singular luminary emerged from the mist, her pen poised with the deftness of a swordswoman. Caroline Ailanthus, an esteemed author, editor, and writer in her own right, graced the airwaves with her wisdom on the art of writing.

With two masters of the craft in dialogue, the conversation flowed as easily as a swift river in spring. From the depths of their shared experiences, Caroline provided invaluable tips on surmounting the great obstacle of writer’s block, that bane of the scribbler’s existence. Drawing upon her own formidable skills, she illuminated the importance of trust between the writer and the editor, a sacred bond that can only be forged in the furnace of collaboration.

Through her shining example, Caroline reminded us that editors are not critics, but rather compassionate guides, honing our work with an eye towards improvement. The key takeaway from this episode? Give yourself the freedom to write badly, for the journey of a thousand words begins with a single scribble. With the first stroke of your pen, all is possible, for everything else can be tended to in the hallowed halls of the editorial process.

In the end, the fires of creativity burned ever brighter, and the listeners of Entrepreneur Perspectives were left with a sense of wonder and inspiration, ready to set sail upon their own literary voyages.

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About our guest, Caroline Ailanthus:

When she’s not writing her own blogs and novels, she’s helping us say what we want, only better. She’s happy to help you get your words in order, too. She even has a couple of superpowers! For example, she can improve the flow and readability of text on virtually any subject, even if she has no idea what that subject’s about. That’s how she’s been a valued member of our team for years now (including our brand, SportsEpreneur), even though she still wants to know what a quarterback is a quarter of.