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Essentials | Be Uncommon with Tim Kight

An episode that gives hard truths and examples about the pursuit to be uncommon. This episode is with Tim Kight — founder of Focus3 and a leadership coach for many significant companies and elite sports organizations — that includes being one of the key people part of the Ohio State Buckeyes 2014 National Championship team.

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Topics covered in this episode “Be Uncommon with Tim Kight”:

  • full article at the bottom of these shownotes exists to give you the complete summary of this episode with more details
  • pushing people to be uncommon
  • leadership is a mindset first and a skillset second
  • “Today I GET TO: lead with purpose, serve people, solve problems, and bring energy”
  • Being relentlessly persistent in order to prevail
  • We need to be more persistent, more positive, and more passionate as leaders

Wrapping up:

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Cultivating an Uncommon Mindset: The Key to Exceptional Leadership

In a world where mediocrity and complacency have become the norm, striving to be uncommon is not only a bold choice but a necessary one for those who wish to make a lasting impact. The journey to becoming an exceptional leader starts with cultivating an uncommon mindset, which in turn leads to the development of the skillset required to lead effectively.

One essential aspect of an uncommon mindset is embracing the idea that leadership is a mindset first and a skillset second. Before acquiring the skills needed to lead, one must have the right frame of mind to accept and utilize those skills. This includes a deep sense of purpose, a commitment to serving others, a passion for solving problems, and an unwavering enthusiasm that energizes both oneself and the team.

In order to foster this mindset, leaders should practice daily affirmations that remind them of their purpose and the impact they wish to make. An example of such an affirmation is, “Today, I get to: lead with purpose, serve people, solve problems, and bring energy.” By consistently focusing on these four elements, leaders can build a strong foundation for their mindset.

Another crucial component of an uncommon mindset is relentless persistence. As a leader, challenges and obstacles are inevitable, and the ability to persevere through these hardships is what separates the exceptional from the ordinary. A leader with an uncommon mindset does not shy away from adversity; they embrace it and use it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

To develop relentless persistence, leaders must learn to approach each challenge with a positive attitude and unwavering determination. They must continuously remind themselves that they possess the ability to overcome any obstacle and that their persistence will ultimately lead to success. As a result, leaders who exhibit such traits will inspire their team to adopt the same tenacity and grit.

Finally, a leader with an uncommon mindset is marked by their passion. Passionate leaders not only have a clear vision of what they want to achieve but also the drive and enthusiasm to see it through. This level of passion is contagious, motivating those around them to share in their vision and work towards its realization.

To ignite and maintain this passion, leaders must regularly reassess their goals and remind themselves of their purpose. By doing so, they can ensure that their passion remains a driving force behind their actions and decisions, ultimately resulting in more significant accomplishments and a more profound impact.

Cultivating an uncommon mindset is the key to exceptional leadership. By focusing on developing a mindset that prioritizes purpose, service, problem-solving, and energy, leaders can build a strong foundation for their leadership skills. Furthermore, by embracing relentless persistence and fostering passion, leaders can inspire their teams and overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

As you embark on your journey to become an uncommon leader, remember that the pursuit of greatness begins within. Embrace the challenge, cultivate the mindset, and watch as your leadership potential soars to new heights.