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One Negative Comment Can Threaten My Safety | Michael Brody-Waite

Essentials | One Negative Comment Can Threaten My Safety | Michael Brody-Waite

“We’re more connected now through technology than we’ve ever been — and less connected with the people in our lives.” -Michael Brody-Waite

In this Entrepreneur Perspectives episode, we chat with Michael Brody-Waite, author of the book, “Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts” and a TED Talk speaker with over 3 million views.

We discuss: connections, the impact of one negative comment, tribes, living with a mask, going to the belly of the beast, and “what if the worst thing about you could become the best thing about you”.

More about Michael:

In my active addiction, I hid my true self behind so many masks. It was exhausting. In order to get clean, I had to master a process that has saved the lives of millions of addicts all over the world. A process, that taught me how to live Mask-Free.

For the last 17 years, I have developed the skill of living Mask-Free and used it to excel in my career, found an Inc. 500 company, give a viral TED talk, write a book and marry my soulmate.

Now, my mission is to equip you with a proven system for living Mask-Free so that you can be your true self without apology, shame or regret and absolutely thrive in work and life. (source: MBW’s website)

While this is an 8+ minute episode — the full conversation with Michael Brody-Waite can be heard here: Surrender the Outcome with Michael Brody-Waite


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