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Don't be an amateur at your life | Tim Kight

Essentials | Don’t Be an Amateur at Your Life with Tim Kight

Leadership speaker, writer, and coach Tim Kight tells truths you need to hear in this episode. As he says, “you need to be emotionally agile…except most people are fragile.”

This Entrepreneur Perspectives episode features Tim Kight, founder of Focus 3.

We discuss: “don’t be an amateur at your life”, emotional agility, dealing with traffic, predictability, mental toughness, discipline, focus, and self-talk.

More about Tim Kight:

A lifelong student of elite performance—Tim founded Focus 3 in the mid-’80s in Southern California.

At UCLA, Tim witnessed John Wooden win his 9th and 10th national championships. This unprecedented achievement by Coach Wooden and the UCLA basketball team triggered a great curiosity in Tim as to what distinguishes elite performers from average performers, a quest he has been pursuing ever since.

Through diligent study and research—as well as application in the real world—Tim discovered the power of The Performance Pathway: Leaders create the culture that drives the behavior that produces results. Tim then built actionable, high-impact systems for developing exceptional leaders, strengthening organizational culture, and equipping people to perform at their best.

That is the heartbeat of Focus 3. (source: Focus 3 website)

While this is an 8+ minute episode — the full conversation containing “don’t be an amateur at your life” with Tim Kight can be heard here: The Pursuit of Uncommon Leadership with Tim Kight


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