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Share Your Damn Stories, Take Risks, Be Curious | Chris Heivly, MapQuest Co-Founder | Entrepreneur Perspectives

EP155 | Share Your Damn Stories, Take Risks, Be Curious | Chris Heivly, MapQuest Co-Founder

Can you imagine combining geography and computer science in 1980? Well, that’s exactly what Chris Heivly did and he’s here to share his story for anyone wondering how they, like Seth Godin says, can create a ruckus.

In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, we discuss the intersection of entrepreneurship and family, explore the untapped ROI of podcasting, and unravel the reasons why anyone would want to write a book. Plus, we’re talking with the co-founder of MapQuest about his ongoing journey in entrepreneurship.

Tune in if you’ve ever wondered about the peculiarities of ‘talent stacking,’ or if you’re just a fan of hockey, startups, or North Carolina!

Key Topics:

  • The unexpected parallels between entrepreneurship and family life.
  • Unpacking the true return on investment (ROI) of podcasting.
  • Understanding the motivation and journey behind writing a book.
  • The story of MapQuest from the perspective of its co-founder, Chris Heivly.
  • The art and science of ‘talent stacking’—mixing two things that don’t traditionally mix.
  • A glimpse into Chris’ personal life: his passion for hockey and connection with North Carolina.

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About our guest, Chris Heivly (author of the book, Build the Fort):

Serial entrepreneur (MapQuest co-founder) and early-stage investor with company-building experience from $0 to $25M. Interest in startups, venture-backed companies, and venture capital organizations in and around software technology.

A frequent blogger at, contributing Writer for INC, the author of Build The Fort: a book about how to start anything. Also a speaker (400+ events) about startups, corporate innovation, and startup communities specifically: entrepreneurial ecosystem development.