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NFT Renaissance | Web3 Education with OutKast NFT Co-Founder Tatted Lawyer

Out There, a Podcast Series | NFT Renaissance | Web3 Education with OutKast NFT Co-Founder Tatted Lawyer

“You don’t have to be what society expects.” -Tatted Lawyer | A conversation about the opportunities, creativity, and communities with NFTs — intertwined with art, music, Web3, the metaverse, and sports. This is an NFT Renaissance podcast series.

The creativity happening in the NFT / Web3 space is fascinating! Wait until you see what the OutKast NFT founders are building.

Taking a quick step back — so what is Web3? Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the internet based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics (source: Wikipedia).

What are NFTs? It’s best to read this page or one like it: ( / what are NFTs)

It’s all happening so fast—so fast it seems we’re all late to the world of NFTs. In actuality, it’s early, very early. And it’s also very confusing. So let’s educate ourselves in the space. That’s what this NFT / Web3 conversation is all about. It’s an opportunity to share space with those that have experience, stories, and proof of concept related to all things Web3.

NFT Renaissance | with OutKast NFT Co-Founder

When a renaissance like this is happening, it’s worth a, “let’s stop and look around”. So let’s learn about Web3 and the entire infrastructure including NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse. Let’s be open to it. I’m not one to suggest running out and buying a bunch of land in the Metaverse, but I would suggest paying attention to it, asking questions, and then seeing what interests you. The creativity and the opportunity got me. I hope this episode helps you understand it a bit more—or if you are already in the NFT / Web3 world, I hope this episode opens you into a new part of the community.

Topics covered: Sports bring people together, community, anatomy of a sports fan, attorneys creating content, embracing differences, being who you want in the metaverse, esports, what is an NFT, the NFT renaissance, the development of the name OutKast, learning through podcasting, Anime, starting with content creation, OpenSea, digital personas, Tatted Lawyer, turning physical art into an NFT, smart contracts, music as an NFT, NFT marketplace, Andrometa Metaverse, Ethereum vs Fiat currency, athletes and NFT’s, selling houses on the Blockchain, the novels “Snow Crash” and “Ready Player One”, being open to Web3, owning your content, podcasting in the metaverse, the TikTok algorithm, and more!

Podcast Guest: OutKast and Co-Founder Michael Christine, Tatted Lawyer

Michael Christine, aka ‘Tatted Lawyer’ is forging his own path in the metaverse. Throughout his career as a Miami-based attorney, he set his own standards by embracing his differences and utilizing them for the greater good. Michael has been recognized as one of the Nation’s Top 40 under 40 Black Attorneys. He has channeled his passion and energy into a fulfilling career. He practices law and is a co-founder of the OutKast NFT Collection. And that’s where this episode takes off from!

Besides all that has already been mentioned, we believe this episode shows how content can start a conversation that fosters an environment that is conducive to learning. The conversation flows to important topics surrounding this digital wave such as parenting, real-world values, and creativity in a digital world.

As our guest and co-founder of OutKast NFT would say, “the message is clear, the NFT world is here to stay, and it is revolutionizing the art world every day.” The NFT Renaissance is here. Michael Christine is a believer in the idea that you “don’t have to be what society expects” and you are free “to be your own person”, especially in the metaverse. There is a sense of community among those in the metaverse and the growing popularity of NFTs has only flourished in this renaissance — of the art world. This digital metaverse is ever-changing and so is the conversation.

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