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Soccer as Religion: An Entrepreneur's Perspective on Brazil's Passion for the Game

EP150 | Soccer as Religion: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Brazil’s Passion for the Game

An episode on why Soccer is more than just a sport in Brazil. This conversation includes insights on soccer as religion in Brazil from an entrepreneur and what he is doing about it. Entrepreneur, Bruno Pessoa, talks about the challenges youth Brazilian soccer players face. And it’s not just the pressure to perform on the field. With an intense passion for soccer, Bruno is supporting these young players and connecting them with avid fans of the sport. He is doing this through community first.

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Topics covered in this episode “Soccer as Religion: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Brazil’s Passion for the Game”:

  • Soccer as religion
  • Goalkeeper mentality
  • Managing a player’s brand
  • Helping players generate revenue streams with NFTs
  • The new age of collectibles brings players and fans together
  • USA Soccer

Wrapping up:

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About our guest, Bruno Pessoa:

Bruno is a second-time entrepreneur having successfully exited his first venture in Brazil. He holds a Marketing degree from Fresno Pacific University. With over ten years of experience in the sports market in Latin America, he has gone through all stages of a company – from ideation, through fundraising, scaling, and exiting. Bruno helped his companies close deals with Adidas, LaLiga,, Onefootball, and others. And now he owns Tero Labs.

Tero Labs is a unique NFT studio where they develop proprietary IPs in Sports, Media, and Entertainment. They believe Blockchain-enabled models will present a seismic shift to how business is conducted in the future. Its impact on commerce will be game-changing.