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Unscripted | Economic Navel-Gazing + The Kia Challenge on TikTok Is a Real Problem

Economic Navel Gazing! What is that? Self-indulgent or excessive contemplation of oneself or a single issue, at the expense of a wider view (source: Google, Oxford Languages). If that doesn’t sound like what is going on with our economy…

Thank goodness you are here for some saving! In this episode, we go virtual. Yeah, that’s right. COVID-19 and the flu have hit us a bit this fall, but we had to do it–record an episode that is. But being remote couldn’t stop us. While we’d rather be face-to-face, we accept that sometimes the metaverse won’t allow for that. So we upgraded our virtual studio and we went…virtual.

Saviors of the Metaverse, the podcast that saves and hopefully entertains, is now a standalone podcast. No, we don’t mean standing at the corner waiting for a bus that will never come. We mean standalone as this podcast has its own real estate on Apple and Spotify and the like. SOM (short for Saviors of the Metaverse) is part of the KazSource Podcast Network. So we’re not totally alone! Although Jared is terrified of loneliness, so to play it safe, give this podcast a listen.

We’re on to the 12th episode of SOM (again, short for Saviors of the Metaverse). And we’re talking ridiculous TikTok trends, navel-gazing, blue check marks, and all sorts of more!

Saviors of the Metaverse 12 Topics | Economic Navel-Gazing + The Kia Challenge on TikTok is a Real Problem

In case you haven’t noticed, we love podcasts. In fact, we love building podcasts. Everything from development to production. Because of all that, we’re building a one-of-a-kind podcast network. If you have a podcast or are looking to launch a new podcast then we should talk. You can message me on Twitter @eric_kaz or hit us up any way that works for you. Let’s talk about your podcast joining this one-of-a-kind podcast network. 

More about Saviors of the Metaverse:

Here’s what the purpose of this podcast is: there are a lot of problems in the world, there are a lot of exciting things, and people are looking for answers–no, people are looking for saviors…so we are going to discuss, we are going to talk in detail, and almost certainly be wrong on a lot of it, but you will be entertained, you will feel better, and if anything you will feel like uh…

Just listen to this tenth episode known as Saviors of the Metaverse!

Eric Kasimov is joined in the studio by Jared Nichols. Jared has been a frequent guest on another KazSource Podcast, Entrepreneur Perspectives – and for good reason. He is one of the reasons that podcast exists in the first place. We like to think of Jared as someone who speaks his mind, offers insights, and allows ideas to take action. That type of thinking, in a nutshell, helped spawn the idea for Entrepreneur Perspectives. And now this new podcast, “Saviors of the Metaverse”.


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