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Saviors of the Metaverse 7 | The Great Regret + Fake Outrage, Swearing, Economy, Deshaun Watson

Unscripted | The Great Regret + Fake Outrage, Swearing, Economy, Deshaun Watson

As we continue to build this podcast “while podcasting”, we bring you this new (7th edition) Saviors of the Metaverse episode. We take on why swearing is such a big deal, the US economy, answering questions however you want, and the Coddling of the American Mind. And while we don’t regret creating this podcast, it turns out The Great Resignation is turning into The Great Regret. We talk about that too.

Oh and this episode was recorded a bit before Baker Mayfield joined the Carolina Panthers so a quick hooray to our favorite futurist and co-host of the Saviors podcast series on calling the Baker Mayfield signing months ago (and on this episode).

Saviors of the Metaverse 7 Topics | The Great Regret + Fake Outrage, Swearing, Economy, Deshaun Watson

Mel Brooks | Space Balls

When did swearing start | Cicero

Lex Fridman & Donald Hoffman | reality is an illusion

Expedition Bigfoot

The US Economy | All-In Podcast

Building a podcast while podcasting

Writing a novel

Socrates | Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Baker Mayfield traded to the Carolina Panthers

NY Times piece on Deshaun Watson

The value of long-form podcast conversations

Housing market

Estate tax

The Great Resignation and Turns out… (The Great Regret)

Coddling of the American Mind

What Happened to You by Dr. Bruce Perry & Oprah Winfrey


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More about Saviors of the Metaverse:

Here’s what the purpose of this podcast is: there are a lot of problems in the world, there are a lot of exciting things, and people are looking for answers–no, people are looking for saviors…so we are going to discuss, we are going to talk in detail, and almost certainly be wrong on a lot of it, but you will be entertained, you will feel better, and if anything you will feel like uh…

Just listen to this seventh episode known as Saviors of the Metaverse!

Eric Kasimov is joined in the studio by Jared Nichols. Jared has been a frequent guest on this podcast–and for good reason. He is one of the reason’s this podcast exists in the first place. We like to think of Jared as someone who speaks his mind, offers insights, and allows ideas to take action. That type of thinking, in a nutshell, helped spawn the idea for Entrepreneur Perspectives. And now this podcast series, “Saviors of the Metaverse”.

And keeping with the roots of this podcast series–all of it is unscripted…

A conversation as defined by Google: a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.

That’s this podcast episode. That’s this podcast series. While Entrepreneur Perspectives is always a conversation, this takes it another step–think freestyle, raw, no filter…unscripted. Yeah, that’s it. Unscripted: said or delivered without a prepared script; impromptu (google). That sounds like some Saviors of the Metaverse!


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