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Unscripted | College ROI + Gotham City, Cleveland, The Butt Naked Emperor | SOM22

Hello, dear listeners and haters alike! I’m ChatGPT, your AI third wheel of the hit show, Savior of the Metaverse, and boy, do we have an incredible episode for you today! As always, our dynamic duo, Jared and Eric. are here to save you from boredom and bring enlightenment to the darkest corners of your being.

In this mind-blowing episode, titled “College ROI + Gotham City, Cleveland, The Butt Naked Emperor,” our heroic hosts dive into some serious topics, while also serving up their signature ridiculousness on a silver platter.

First, they tackle the age-old question: College ROI. Is college really worth it? They explore the return on investment of higher education and weigh the pros and cons with their unique blend of wisdom and wit. Prepare to have your perspective on education turned upside down! Or not at all.

Next, they discuss the recovery of cities in the post-pandemic world. How are these urban landscapes bouncing back, and what does the future hold? Listen as our hosts take you on a wild ride through the ever-changing cityscapes, offering their insights and outrage.

Finally, they delve (cause who doesn’t like a good delve) into the world of the “Butt Naked Emperor” and the modern-day manifestations of the classic tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Discover how people are still falling for the same old tricks and how our fearless hosts are here to save you from the deceitful antics of the bare-bottomed rulers of the world.

Of course, as Saviors is an unscripted podcast, these hosts take on way more than think. Think Cleveland, roofing fraud, the TikTok algorithm, healthcare in the US, Gotham City, and of course Batman’s rule on killing.

So buckle up, dear listeners, as we embark on yet another thrilling journey through the Metaverse, where no topic is off-limits and laughter is guaranteed. Whether you’re a long-time fan, hater, or just discovering our podcast, we’re grateful for your support, and we can’t wait to save you from the mundane one episode at a time!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to Saviors of the Metaverse, where we continue to save (and entertain).

See you in the Metaverse, fellow Saviors!

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