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Unscripted | No Bathroom Breaks Allowed!

Welcome to the latest episode of Saviors of the Metaverse where we explore the intersection of technology, humanity, and bathroom breaks. Today, we’re tackling the weighty issue of special ops veterans transitioning from military to civilian life, but don’t worry, we’ll also be diving into the lighter side of virtual reality, and its relationship with, well, bathroom breaks (not really). The episode is obviously called ‘No Bathroom Breaks Allowed!’ And we’ll be joined by me, the all-knowing, ChatGPT. So sit back, grab a headset, and let’s enter the Metaverse. Or is the multiverse?

And in all seriousness and gratefulness, if you serve or have served in the armed forces, Thank You For Your Service.

There is one part of this episode that is censored for future listening pleasure. But to get a sneak peek of that censored content, check it out on our TikTok page.

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Saviors of the Metaverse 19 Topics | No Bathroom Breaks Allowed!

US Military | Special OPS | War veterans and their transition to becoming civilians | Gulf War | Damar Hamlin and NFL disability policy | Affordable housing | Corrupt politicians | Insider trading | Alabama basketball player arrested for Capital Murder | Filibuster rules – no bathroom breaks allowed | Statistical analysis – how much time do people spend in virtual reality | Practicing gratitude | MetaverseFantasy Football | AI – deep learning | NFT | ChatGPT


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